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Comfort & Privacy Control Systems

Effortlessly control your heating and cooling, shades and more with Savant.

Total Climate Control

With award-winning, control software, wireless thermostats and remote sensors, you can finally enjoy scheduling and monitoring your home’s heating and cooling system. Savant allows you to can control your system according to hour, day, month, humidity and temperature all through a visually stimulating, touch screen display.
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Automated Shades

We are all very much in tune with the sun. It controls our wake/sleep cycle, elevates our mood, provides warmth when we’re cold and more. Yet, many homes do not take full advantage of this wonderful source of energy.

By automating your home’s shades according to time of day and season, you can warm your house during the winter and keep your house cool during the summer. What’s more, you can automate your shades to provide privacy at night, even when you’re away.



Energy Management

By monitoring your home’s energy usage in real-time, you can discover what’s consuming your energy resources and whether that energy is being lost during a particular hour, day or month. Having access to this level of information can help you create a home experience that is not only comfortable, but amazingly efficient.

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