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Welcome to Your 21st Century Home

Home theaters, heating/cooling, lighting... all under your control with Savant

Comfort & Privacy

comfortWhen was the last time you enjoyed programming your heating and cooling system? Ever wondered how you could improve your energy consumption? How about having your blinds automatically open for you in the morning and close at night?

With our systems, not only will programming your heating and cooling system become enjoyable, but you will become a master of energy efficiency, and a morning sun worshiper, all from the power and the convenience of your Apple device.

+ Shades & Blinds
+ Energy Management


entertainmentOur entertainment solutions are not just about the best picture or the best sound. It’s about combining all the essential qualities of the best experience into a single system for you to enjoy.

To do that, your systems have to act as one single unit, not 3 or 4 separate devices that you must control from multiple remotes or separate control panels. Our Savant controlled systems are the perfect, seamless solution for enjoying your movies, TV shows and music they way you’ve always intended.

+ Distributed Audio/Video
+ Home Theater
+ Outdoor Audio & Video


lightingDesigners and architects understand the importance of lighting. It’s responsible for comfort, ambiance, security and beauty. Ensure that all your lights are off while at work, saving you energy. Then, have select ones turn on when you come home, for your safety.

What’s more, control all of this from the most user-friendly software on your iPhone or iPad!

Services offered:
+ Indoor & Outdoor Lighting
+ Automated & Remote Systems


securityEver wondered what happens in your house while you’re away, wanted to be alerted when your kids get home from school or know when your teenager got in from a night out? With our security systems, you can monitor your home in a myriad of ways, even when you’re hundreds of miles away.

Our systems can monitor for water leaks or alert you of access to sensitive or dangerous items like medicine cabinets or gun closets. Video surveillance can also be provided within your home, driveway, garage and more.

Let our systems take the unknown out of the equation and give you the peace of mind you deserve!

Services offered:
+ Advanced Monitoring Systems
+ Interactive Security System
+ Video Surveillance

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