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Security Systems

The most advanced security and monitoring systems with amazing convenience.

Advanced Monitoring Systems

Being able to monitor all your assets from a single device not only puts your mind at ease, but it also helps prevent dangerous losses. Is your server room cool enough? Are there any water leaks in your control room? Is someone trying to access an unauthorized room?

Our systems surpass the traditional by providing an ability to add sensors, alarms, cameras, remote monitoring and more. Knowing what’s happening in real-time can help you prevent major losses and keep your people safe.


Access Control Systems

Many business find that the basic keyed-lock is just too simple and impossible to monitor. Knowing who is accessing areas of your business and when they are entering and leaving is essential.

If your business is in need of smarter access control, we can offer multiple levels of security with access logs and powerful reporting. We architect the most effective and intelligent security system for your environment to ensure complete, asset protection.

+ Keycards
+ Keypads
+ Biometric Scanners


Interactive Security Systems

Our systems provide remote locking/unlocking of doors, arming/disarming of your security system, integrated video surveillance and motion sensing. What’s more, all of these features can be controlled and monitored from a smartphone or a secure website.


IP Video Surveillance

Shifting your video surveillance to your IP network can not only make your system more powerful, but also lower your operating costs. Our advanced solutions make it possible to …

+ monitor for odd behavior patterns
+ automatically recognize objects leaving or entering the premises
+ automatically log license plates
+ and more

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