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Automated Lighting Solutions

Convenience, efficiency, security and safety, all with an amazing user-experience.

Indoor & Outdoor Lighting

Poor lighting can not only affect your productivity, but it can also affect your mood and motivation. Yet, just having bright illumination is not the only concern; different tasks require different levels and types of light. Our lighting systems provide the highest level of control to ensure you get the right lighting for the right experience.

We combine the power of Lutron’s lighting systems with the user-friendliness of Savant’s control system to produce a world-class experience.


Automated & Remote Systems

Scheduling and automating your lighting system can not only save your business money, but offer great convenience, security and safety. What’s more, set custom configurations according to recurrent events, such as opening and closing your business, video conferences, multimedia presentations …

One example of this is a “close” setting: with a single button, turn off all interior office lights, arm your security system and turn on security/safety lights when you leave for the day. Then, have it automatically reverse when your business opens. You can also remotely monitor and adjust your business’ lighting, whether it’s a single room or whole building, from anywhere, even when you’re miles away.

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