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Tomorrow’s Enterprise-Level Technology Solutions

Automation, A/V, Networking, Security and more with Total Integration

A/V Presentation Systems

AVPresentationTransform your business’ ability to effectively communicate ideas and data. Whether it’s presenting quarterly reports to stockholders or selling a project to clients, using an immersive, engaging experience provides a significant advantage.

Our Savant Presentation Systems allow you to seamlessly control your video, audio and more from a single, Apple device. This allows you to focus on the content, rather than be distracted by complicated technology.


communicationCommunication is known for being an expensive yet vital component of a company’s success. Whether it’s managing a multi-site business, setting up a large call center or connecting a small, single-site business with its customers, we offer fully integrated systems that are powerful, easy to use and most importantly, cost effective.

Services offered:
+ IP Phone Systems
+ Intercoms
+ Public Announcement Systems

Video Conferencing

videoconferenceBring all your stakeholders together, even if they are on opposite sides of the planet. Our conferencing technology has made video conferencing more cost effective and more powerful than ever. Increase your business’ ability to connect, communicate and build trust with our Savant conferencing systems.


businesslightingAutomating your lighting systems can drastically increase your business’ energy efficiency. Our lighting systems have high resolution control, easy-to-configure automation and can be controlled by a single device.

Synchronize your lighting with …
+ hours of operation
+ special use-cases like video conferencing or multi-media presentations
+ security and safety measures


networkYour network has the unseen power to connect seemingly unrelated needs of your business. You can use it as a centralizing platform for managing data, voice, video, security and more. By doing this, you can reduce your operating costs and free yourself from your technology, allowing you to focus on your customer.

We can offer feature-complete, seamless, networking solutions:
+ Architecture
+ Configurations
+ Cabling
+ Monitoring


securit_businessIn today’s world, physical security is not your only concern. Your business should be prepared for significantly more sophisticated threats. With the most advanced, multi-tiered security systems, we can ensure your company’s assets are protected today, and tomorrow.

Services provided:
+ IP Video Surveillance
+ Physical & Virtual Access Control
+ Advanced Monitoring Systems
+ Interactive Security Systems

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