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Security Systems

The most feature complete security system from the convenience of a smartphone.

Advanced Monitoring Systems

Your home is one of your most important assets. Being able to monitor for water leaks, the opening of doors or windows, movement inside or out, access to sensitive or dangerous items and more is a vital component to protecting your house.

All of our advanced monitoring systems offer mobile and secure web access. Alerts of movement, access or break-ins are sent as push notifications right to your smartphone in real time.

iPad-White-Landscape-SecurityCamerasSavant Systems Safety & Security


Interactive Security Systems

Have you ever left for the day and wondered if you locked and armed your home? With our systems, remotely locking and arming your home from your car, place of business or vacation is as simple as pressing a button on your smartphone.

Our security systems also provide video surveillance, motion sensing and alerts for more than just break-ins.


Video Surveillance

Video surveillance can be an additional layer on top of your security system, or just a stand alone feature. We offer video systems that can be viewed using your smartphone from anywhere in the world.

See who just pulled up in your driveway, who’s in your house or when your child gets home from school. Let our systems take the unknown out of the equation and give you the peace of mind you deserve!


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